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A 30-year veteran supplier, DERMACARE LINE was the first company to introduce private label hand sanitizers to the promotional products industry in 1995.

They remain a leading producer of private label, Made in USA hand sanitizers, including a brand new exclusive line of patented Child Safety Sanitizers™ with child resistant safety caps. They are also a leading supplier of all PPE items.

The company, through their AmerIKYP / IKYP HEALTH Division has also evolved into a healthcare & pharmaceutical educational marketing solutions provider through the development of their
multi-sensory audio & video with print products. 

Orders for export to international markets gladly accepted.

For more information, contact an Authorized PPE, PPAI, or PSI Franchise distributor, or: info@dermacarepkg.com, or info@easyrapidcovidtestkits.com

DERMACARE LINE is the first Private Label Industry supplier to offer businesses and brands Easy Rapid NOW™ Nasal Swab Antigen Covid – 19 Test Kits.

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Meet The Team

Rich Butler
Managing Director
40+ years in manufacturing, product development, and marketing.

Kelly Stone
Chief Sales Officer
30+ years in sales, marketing, public relations, and sales development.

Rick Jordan
Strategic Account Manager
35+ years in supply chain management, strategic overseas sourcing, purchasing, and sales.

Matthew Wang
Manager, Supply Chain, & Global Sourcing
20+ years of experience in supply chain & logistics, on-site presence at our manufacturing facilities throughout Asia.

Disclosure: The test is under review by the FDA for approval by the FDA EUA. Results from Antigen testing should not be used as the sole basis to diagnose or exclude SARS-CoV-2 infection or to inform infection status. EasyRapidNow™ is not affiliated with BinaxNow™ or Abbott Laboratories

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